The Bowen Technique is a remedial therapy that aims to treat the body holistically.

The therapist makes a series of gentle roll type moves across muscle, fascia, tendons and soft tissue using fingers and thumbs. There is no hard pressure or manipulation involved.

Short breaks between moves are an important part of the treatment, during which the client is left resting to allow the opportunity to respond.

The aim of the treatment is to give the body and opportunity to re-balance, releive  tension and reduce pain.

It is not intended to replace conventional medicine.

Bowen has been observed to help the following:

· Pain management

· Hormonal, Pregnancy and fertility

· Acute and chronic back pain

· General aches and pains

· Sciatica

· Frozen shoulder / Tennis elbow

· Sports injuries

· Whiplash

· Jaw discomfort (TMD / TMS)

· Respiratory / Asthma / COPD

· Sinus / hay fever

· Migraines / headaches

· Stress management / Anxiety / Sleep problems

· Chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia

· Digestive problems

· Childhood problems - Baby colic, reflux, bed wetting



The Bowen Technique has been described as being the ' one of the most down to earth therapies in the book' developed from the acclaimed therapist Tom Bowen from the 1950's until his death in 1982.

Tom Bowen helped many thousands of people overcome their pains and conditions a series of gentle, non manipulative moves over muscle and connective tissue using his thumbs and index fingers.

In most cases, only two or three treatments were required for people to be pain free, which is one reason why the Bowen Technique is so popular. In 1974 Tom Bowen commissioned natural therapist, Oswald Rentsch, to study and document his complete work.

Before Tom Bowen passed away. Oswald Renstch made a promise that the Bowen Therapy would become worldwide and together with his wife Elaine ' Bowtech' to teach and share with others the unchanged method of Mr Bowen's amazing work.

Since 1986 the name of Bowen Technique has been gaining recognition and popularity worldwide non - invasive, gentle yet highly effective way of helping people to be pain free without resorting to manipulation, needles, pills or massage.